Get a new Honda Civic Type R for only R649 999

The radical Civic Type R is a polarizing hi-po hatchback. Haters think it’s too hideous to own, and backers believe it’s too fantastic to miss. We know it’s the latter, seeing as we named it a 10Best Cars winner along with the impressive Civic Sport hatchback and the Civic Si: What’s more, the Type R beat the Ford Focus RS in a head-to-head comparison. To all who disagree, we say don’t knock it until you try it. Honda has seemingly perfected front-wheel-drive performance on the Type R by all but eliminating unpleasant torque steer and prioritizing balance through celestial chassis tuning. The sole powertrain is a sweet six-speed manual gearbox paired with a 306-hp turbocharged four-cylinder. Its in-your-face styling may be too much to stomach, but its funky looks are forgotten after your belly fills with butterflies from its bonkers engine and gigantic grip. While words can’t fully describe what the Type R is like to drive, we strongly suggest you don’t judge this crazy sonuvahatch by its cover.

What’s New for 2019?

While we’ve heaped praise on the Type R, and deservedly so, we’ve also bemoaned its frustrating touchscreen-based infotainment interface—until now. Honda has graciously added a volume knob and physical buttons for 2019 that instantly make the system more user-friendly. The climate controls also now have a hard button that adjusts the fan speed. Along with those updates, the Type R receives larger cupholders, a revised switch for the electronic-parking brake, and more streamlined steering-wheel controls. The super Civic’s color palette is also expanded to include Sonic Gray Pearl.

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